Stock Broker Misconduct

Did stock broker misconduct, stock broker malpractice or negligence, stock broker abuse or stock broker greed result in a loss of over $50,000 with a full service stock broker (not an on-line broker)? Call for a free no obligation phone consultation. Typical claims involve one of the following:

  1. Unsuitable recommendations for you.
  2. Stock Broker Malpractice in an account the broker managed for you.
  3. Excessive commissions charged or earned.
  4. Churning your account. Frequent sales and purchases.
  5. Failure to execute trades when ordered.
  6. Fraud or theft of money.
  7. Variable Annuities or Sub-prime debts in IRA or 401K.

Call today for a free, no obligation telephone consultation. Percentage fees contingent on collecting. You have nothing to lose by calling now.